Andrew Z talks bankruptcy, second chances

Andrew Zepeda

Former KISS-FM morning radio host Andrew Z is opening up about the mistakes he has made, the positive difference he has strived to make, and where he goes from here.

Andrew Zepeda, who entered into alcohol dependency treatment after pleading guilty to charges related unpaid taxes and the burglary of his former Perrysburg pizzeria, sat down with NBC24 Today Tuesday morning. He tells NBC 24 Anchor, Kelly Heidbreder that he is sorry about what he has done. "The only person to blame is me and I am asking for a second chance," says Zepeda. He also says he has made Toledo his home and plans to stay. He is focusing his efforts on a new business venture at the Docks overlooking downtown Toledo. But so far, it has been stalled by the city.

In an article written for the Toledo Free Press, Zepeda cites his efforts to make a positive difference in the community as reasons those in the Toledo-area should give him a second chance. "When Keith Dressel was tragically shot I was out in the community collecting money for his wife Danielle. When Lake Local High School needed a grant I broadcasted my entire show live from the school to make sure they got it," Zepeda wrote. "I didn't do these things because I had to | I did them because I truly do care."

Zepeda and his wife, Michelle, welcomed their second daughter, Kenzely, late last year. The embattled radio host says his new daughter has been the highlight of the past five months. Since being let go from his radio hosting gig at KISS-FM, Zepeda says he has paid back all taxes he has owed to the government, paid back all employees. He says he is now on unemployment and food stamps for the first time in his life, and is in the process of filing for bankruptcy. "Please believe my when I tell you I have not 'gotten off easy'," he wrote for TFP.

Read the entire story at the Toledo Free Press.

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