Arrest made in 1983 murder of Janean Brown

Whitehouse, OH - Roth Cememtery in Whitehouse is where Janean Brown has rested for almost 30 years.

The case of her brutal murder in 1983 having gone cold.

For Pam Purney, who was Brown's best friend and roommate, it's been a lifetime.

"When I buried her I said I would never give up. I would never stop. And I didn't," says Purdey.

Thursday, June 6th, 56-year-old Andrew Gustafson was arrested by Michigan State Police and charged with the murder.

Pam says this arrest should have come three decades ago.

"They've had 30 years to live their lives, see their kids grow, have kids, have grandkids... She's had nothing," she says.

Pam recalls that Janean left their home some time before 3a.m. on November 18th, 1983 to confront her boyfriend because he had reportedly kissed a waitress at the bar they were drinking at.

A resident of the nursing home where Janean worked reported speaking with her shortly after, offering to walk her home, but she ended up leaving with, who she described to the man, as friends. That was the last time she was reported being seen alive.

The next day, Janean's body was found with her throat cut so deep, she had almost been decapitated.

She had been stipped naked and left in a drainage ditch not far from where Gustafson lived until a year ago, when his house went into foreclosure.

"I've seen him quite a few times over the years, and i've had to bite my tongue," explains Pam.

Gustafson's father was a one-time president of Dana Corp. but Pam says that was the extent to which Janean knew him.

Gustafson maintaines the two were aquaintances.

Pam denies that saying, "Not on my life. No way. He can say whatever he wants, he didn't know her."

Pam also believes there must have been other people involved, saying that there is no way Janean would have gotten in the car if it were only Gustafson in the vehicle.

Items from the original investigation sat in evidence for ages, until recently, due to technology, and possibly DNA, there was the break in the case.

She says she's had to see Gustafson over the years, and has suspected him for a third of her life while trying to get this case solved.

She says, "Many years I've wanted to say something to him, but i've kept my mouth shut, waiting for this day, praying this day would come."

Andrew Gustafson is in jail in Saginaw, Michigan awaiting extradition back to Ohio where he will face the charges.

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