As cold weather approaches experts are warning you to stay safe

Springfield local school prepare for snowy road conditions (courtesy:

Holland, Ohio (WNWO)-- "Even my own children will try to leave the house in December with shorts," said Matt Geha, dad and Superintendent for Springfield Local Schools.

Not only is the school official responsible for his own kids, but the thousands of others in the District.

"When it comes to cold days obviously we want everyone to know it's Toledo Ohio so it will be cold."

Part of that responsibility is urging kids to dress the part, layering with coats and scarves to fight the cold.

Mom Tiffany Vigil says is her staple when it comes to keeping her kids safe for the winter.

"I keep them bundled up so they don't get sick during the winter."

When deciding whether or not to close school officials also focus on the ground, driving around the entire school system testing out sidewalks, driveways and roads to make sure they're safe for parent and student drivers.

They're up at five a.m. on days when they're anticipating bad weather. The decision is made by 5:30 am, taking into consideration wind chill and road conditions.

"20, 25 below you're starting to talk about how much time before that child is at risk if they're walking to school and not completely covered," said Geha.

Timing also plays a huge role.

"If we're going to get a big snowstorm at 5 a.m. it's hard for us to prepare for school to make it safe for everybody," said Geha.

The Superintendent's diligence is for good reason according to Dr. Brian Kaminski, Medical Director at Promedica Hospital.

"We see people every year in the emergency rooms that suffer from the cold weather and the two main things are hypothermia and frostbite, " said Dr. Kaminski.

While there is no exact "too cold" temperature parents can look for warning signs such as uncontrollable shivering. They can also focus on keeping vulnerable areas covered like fingertips, noses and ears .

" You go through those phases, numbness plus pain and then your still outside and the pain goes away that usually isn't a good sign. "

It's wintertime in Toledo, and while you might be used to the cold. Experts are urging everyone to bundle up.

"The goal is to always have school but not to risk anyone's safety to have school," said Geha.

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