Attorney: Clyde cancer cluster claims another teen's life

Taylor Norman in happier times.

An attorney representing families in the Clyde cancer cluster said Monday that another child had died of cancer.

On the Facebook page for attorney Alan Mortensen, he said "Another child in Clyde died this morning of leukemia. Rest in Peace Taylor Norman. We are so sorry you did not get to graduate with your high school class yesterday."

According to the latest numbers, Norman's death would be the sixth believed to be tied to the Clyde cancer cluster.

The families of five that have died previously and more than 30 others that have been diagnosed with cancer have sued Whirlpool alleging the company dumped toxic waste at the old Whirlpool Park.

Whirlpool, the EPA and the current owners of the property have been testing the site to determine if something there caused visitors and nearby residents to develop cancer.

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