Attorneys host informational meeting for landowners affected by NEXUS pipeline

The law firm Goldman and Braunstein hosted an informational meeting for concerned landowners in advance of the proposed NEXUS pipeline project.

In advance of the NEXUS Pipeline project, a Columbus-based law firm is meeting with concerned landowners.

Attorneys at Goldman and Braunstein held an informational meeting in Waterville on Saturday. They say it was to make land owners more aware of their property rights and the concept of eminent domain, which could allow NEXUS to overtake property without a prior agreement.

"When in America did it become that we do not own anything anymore?" asks Renee Walker. "I bought it, I paid for it, I fixed it up, I still pay my taxes -- but yet they can come in and take it and do whatever they want with it and just say 'deal with it, it's ours.' "

NEXUS has filed its route with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and could begin construction in early 2017.

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