Aurora Borealis visible from Toledo


Toledo, OH (WNWO)-- Experts predict partial viewing of the Northern Lights in parts of the United States Sunday evening.

Look up and to the north between 11pm and 2am for the best viewing potential. NBC24 Meteorologist Kimberly Newman predicts 50% cloud cover tonight; remnants of a passing cold front. Between the clouds, viewing should be decent during the 3-hour viewing window.

In an image from the National Weather Service, you can see the viewing potential for parts of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Aurora Borealis will be MOST visible between the Green & Yellow lines-- we should have partial viewing abilities in NW Ohio and especially in SE Michigan.

In order to see the Northern Lights, there needs to be a solar flare on the sun or solar wind; the Aurora Borealis happens when particles from the sun enter Earth's atmosphere and collide violently with gas atoms (

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