Auto Show brings cars and cash to Toledo economy

The 2015 Toledo Auto Show is set to begin Thursday, Feb. 5.

TOLEDO, OH (WNWO)-- The Greater Toledo auto show is synonymous with long drives , new technology, and of course cool cars.

However, these are not the only things the show brings to the greater Toledo.

"Auto show comes to town we're pretty busy," said Moe Adya, manager at Fleetwood's Taproom. It's just across the street from the Seagate Convention Center.

Restaurant staff say the foot traffic they see around this time of year always increases.

" A lot of high end dealers and important people in the car business come down," said Adya. "They come have drinks and then enjoy their time at the Auto show."

One Seagate staff say they're expecting between 12 and 15,000 people this weekend. Those numbers are noticed by nearby parking garages and hotels.

The Park Inn Hotel says over the past few days they've filled over 100 guest rooms, many coming from local car vendors and their staff.

"It's great to have big groups," said Josh Parringer, sales manager.

It didn't exactly put a dent in their 300 hotel room max, but it's still good for revenue good for downtown.

All the cars brought in for the show come from Toledo dealers, which also puts dollars back into the economy.

"A new car dealership in the state of Ohio brings in 35 million in retail sales, they employ about 56 people on average," said Kelly Danison, Auto Show manager.

People might come to Toledo, for the cars, but they stay in the city because of all it has to offer.

The show runs now through Sunday. Check out ticket information below per the Toledo Auto Show website.


$8.00 at the box office, $6.00 online.


$6.00 at the box office.


$6.00 at the box office.


Free when accompanied by an adult.

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