Bethany House presents new documentary on domestic violence

The Bethany House Toledo presented "Bread and Roses Too," a documentary on their history and stories about domestic violence (WNWO).

There was a movie premiere feel for an hour long documentary discussing the Bethany House in Toledo, and domestic violence survivors' stories.

“There were times when I heard some of these stories and went home, and just stared at the ceiling at night and could not get to sleep. Just being aware that, here, in the Toledo area and Northwest Ohio, this kind of suffering was going on toward women and children. It was very sobering.”

Sister of St. Francis of Sylvania, Judy Zielinski, wrote and produced the documentary, “Bread and Roses Too."

“Trying to weave the stories together was challenging, but I think we have come up with a very powerful very convincing program that really shines the light on domestic violence.”

The film was presented in front of an audience at the Sylvania Franciscan Center, and was free and open to the public.

It featured stories from former Bethany House residents, among others.

Executive Director of The Bethany House Toledo, Deidra Lashley, was very happy with the documentary.

“It’s an inspiring story of hope for domestic violence survivors that there is life after domestic violence, and that a place like Bethany House can possibly help.”

Following "Bread and Roses Too," the audience was able to speak to local representatives and ask questions about the shelter.

The Bethany House has proved transition for local victims of domestic violence since 1984, and is completely free of charge for all residents.

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