BGSU announces plan to take over Mercy College

BGSU announces they will take over operations of Mercy College (WNWO).

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- Bowling Green State University announced that it will be taking over Mercy College of Ohio and expand its nursing program.

Officials said this partnership would benefit students and give them more programs to chose from, in what they say is a growing field.

"So what we want to be able to do is build a pipeline, we know nursing is one of the fastest growing professions we expect the workforce to increase about 16%, there's going to be about one million new jobs in nursing," said Bob Baxter, President and CEO, Mercy Health Toledo.

This would bring control of the 100-year-old catholic institution to the public university, which leaders don't think will be an issue.

"We're always keeping in mind that we are focused on student success, we're here to help our students achieve their dreams, and a core value of Mercy College a core of Bowling Green State University, we're so excited about the possibilities," said Rodney Rogers, Bowling Green State University president.

For Mercy College the opportunity was at a prime time, they were potentially going to lose extra dollars they receive through federal funding.

"So we're provider operated what that means is the college receives money from the federal government to help subsidize our operations and there was possibility that that money would be going away in another year," Susan Wajert, Mercy College president.

Officials would not provide financial information about the deal, saying it was too early in the process to determine.

"I think that when you talk about where the value is it really is immeasurable to have the person at the bedside be who's going to be that caring compassionate caretaker in whatever capacity they may be serving and I think that goes beyond dollars and cents," said Baxter.

Officials say it's too early in the process to determine if the classes would still be held at the Mercy College location in Toledo, or if new facilities would be added to Bowling Green's campus.

The finalization is expected to take two-to-three years.

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