Blanket Benefits Continue

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A local woman is conducting an online campaign to collect blankets for the homeless

“If you’re looking to do something charitable it doesn’t have to be huge" says JoAnna Sorosiak . "You know you don’t have to have a grand event or get thousands and thousands of dollars for donations.”

Sorosiak says on her GoFundMe page" Let's be honest. It's ridiculously freezing outside. I'm raising money to purchase blankets for the homeless. These are low cost but super cozy throws that can be purchased in large quantities from bulk vendor. The goal is (now) 250 blankets (originally 135!) for donation around Toledo as soon as possible. Any little bit helps. Thanks!

Sorosiak adds she got the idea after she was complaining to her husband how cold she was and then she realized the she was in a nice bed with warm blankets and realized that there were people in need of blankets

She then came up with the idea to donate blankets to local homeless shelters in need. The on line benefit started with friends and coworkers

The original goal was 135 blankets and $850 dollars. It quickly grew.

The benefit received $850 in the first two days. The goal was reset for $1,000 but soon jumped to $1,390

Original plans were to hold the benefit through February but decided to end early to get blankets to the needy more quickly. The benefit ends on Thursday.

Delivery will began soon

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