Board of Lucas County Commissioners reporting reduced jail population


Fewer people are in jail in the Lucas County area according to the county's MacArthur Foundation Safety + Justice Challenge team.

In 2016, the MacArthur Foundation gave the Board of Lucas County Commissioners a $1.75 million grant to implement reforms intended to reduce the jail population and address racial disparities in the justice system.

The commissioners presented their progress from the past year on Monday, saying there was a reduction in jail population for pretrial inmates as well as post-conviction.

"There are twin goals," Commissioner Carol Contrada explained. "First of all, improve community safety . That is just fundamental to everything we do. And enhance justice and equity in our community. By doing one you can do both. So we want to tell the community about how we have been using the investment dollars so far."

Lucas County was one of only 11 jurisdictions in the United States to get significant funding. Nearly $25 million have been awarded in total.

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