Bowling Green City Schools bond issue fails for a second time

If the bond had passed, Bowling Green High School would have seen renovations and new construction.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WNWO) - For the second time, the Bowling Green City Schools bond failed at, 60%-40%.

The $5.7 million bond would have gone towards construction on the high school, and consolidating the elementary schools.

Superintendent of Bowling Green City Schools, Francis Scruci, said not much had changed from what was proposed in November. He said that's because these changes weren't a want, but a need.

Most of the schools in the district have seen minor changes since they were originally built in the 60s.

Scruci said because of the city property evaluation, the school system was not eligible for any state money.

Without this bond, the district is back at square one.

“We will sit down as a board, have those discussions, maybe we will look at individual buildings as opposed to consolidated buildings," said Superintendent Francis Scruci. "Everything is going to be on the table at this point.”

Some opposing the bond were not in favor of it because of the property tax increase.

Another reason had to do with eliminating neighborhood schools as part of the plan to consolidate elementary schools.

In November, the vote failed by a little more than 500 votes. This time, it nearly doubled and lost by more than 1,000.

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