Bowling Green is gearing up to turn into "PullTown USA"

The 52nd Annual National Tractor Pulling Championships are taking over Bowling Green (WNWO).

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WNWO) -- It's the largest of its kind in the country, and it's right in our backyard for the next few days.

The 52nd Annual National Tractor Pulling Championships are gearing up to pull in quite the crowd at the Wood County Fairgrounds.

"Bowling Green is the heart and the start of organized tractor pulling, we put together a single set of rules back in the early 1960's and it all started here at the Wood County Fairgrounds," said Dave Schultz, director of media, Northwest Ohio Tractor Pullers.

The championships are kicking off Thursday, and organizers say the weekend-long event pulls in $37 million a year total from the over 60,000 people that attend from all over the world.

"We actually have people coming here from the Netherlands we have people coming from Germany and this is part of their family vacation," said Schultz. "Bowling Green is known all over the world as PullTown USA."

And the pullers agree on what their favorite part of the event is.

"More than anything it's the family and the friends and the good times that we have," said puller Ashley Corzine, who's father has been pulling since she was three-years-old.

"It's family, its getting away from our rat race at home for a few days," said puller Jim Ohl from Danville, Illinois.

Corzine said she grew up tractor pulling and wouldn't have it any other way.

"It literally is in your blood, if you have grown up in it like I have, it's literally a part of you I can't imagine not doing it," said Corzine.

Ohl said the event may be a competition, but the tractor pulling community will do anything for one another.

"I mean if there's something broken on somebody's tractor it's not uncommon for somebody to come from 20 trailers away and ask for parts," said Ohl. "If you've got it, they take it right back and put it on their tractor, come right back out and possibly run and beat you with your own parts, and that's very common in this sport."

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