Bowling Green Police investigating scam

The Bowling Green Police Department is looking into a possible scam that caused someone to send several wire transfers to two people he met on the internet (WNWO).

A Bowling Green resident claims to have been tricked into giving money to two people he met online.

The Bowling Green Police Department is investigating the report.

The individual also said he sent several wire transfers, and has decided to stop sending any more money.

After stopping the funds, the victim allegedly received phone calls from someone threatening to press charges of fraud or money laundering if money was not sent immediately.

One caller used the last name of a BGPD Lieutenant and gave the same address as the police department.

The department says in a post on their website that their officers will not ask for a wire transfer of any type.

They also want to remind the public that any phone call anyone receives that asks for money, they should be suspicious.

BGPD went on to say that no one should give any personal or banking information over the phone.

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