Broken AC unit? Don't lose your cool

Companies are advising people to test their air conditioning before these hot days hit. Right now, they are swamped with repair requests. (WNWO)

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - As temperatures are expected to soar over the next few days, air conditioning companies are working hard to repair broken AC units.

Since companies and service technicians are in such high demand, many residents are wondering what will happen if their AC units do not get fixed. Opening your windows and doors may seem like a good idea, but service technicians are advising you to do the exact opposite.

“If we can’t get out right away, the best thing you can do is keep your house shut. Keep your windows latched, doors shut, drapes down, ceiling fans on,” said Steve Hurst, a service technician at M&M Heating and Cooling. “With the heat, we’re going to get this weekend, that’s about the best you can do.”

Hurst also suggests that residents should test their AC in April before we hit these hotter months.

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