Brother of flare gun shooting victim speaks out

Police have made no arrests in connection to the flare gun shootings.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- A woman is recovering after being shot in the face with a flare gun Monday.

Police Say 36-year-old Deborah Price had just pulled into a gas station when 6 teens jumped in her car and ordered her to drive before shooting her.

It's one of two flare gun shootings that happened in Toledo this week.

NBC 24 spoke with her brother who did not want to give his name.

"She says it's a nightmare...Her hands, half her head is burnt up, she's going through a lot right now."

Though Toledo police say both victims do not face life threatening injuries, Promedica nurse practitioner Shawn Milner says it could have been worse.

"There's been documented cases of people dying from being struck by a flare gun in the past, some of them military type"

Police have made no arrests in connection to the crime.

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