Bullies Reality visits Triumph Academy to educate students on the effects of bullying

12-year-old Jude Stamper was honored in front of Triumph Academy students and staff following Bullies Reality's presentation. (WNWO)

Bullying in schools has been in the news a lot over the last few years, and Triumph Academy in Monroe wanted to find a fun way to fight it.

Students were able to learn more about bullying and the damage it does to youth during a one-hour assembly from a program called Bullies Reality. They stopped into the Triumph Academy auditorium to share their own personal experiences with bullying.

“It was fantastic. I think it touched the students in the audience. The stories they had to tell, the songs that they sang, I noticed we had some children get emotional, all the way, kindergarten through eighth grade," said Achievement and Behavioral Specialist, Amy Waldron.

The whole program started because of one special student, Jude Stamper. The 12-year-old has been through a lot in his short life because of a disease called arthrogryposis, or AMC, that has led to 10 surgeries. His mother, Courtney, has never seen it affect him, however.

“It's never held him down. He always tries to look at the bright side of everything. I don't know, he's just very strong. Through all of the surgeries he's gone through, he's always gravitating towards the positive side of it."

Stamper's recent fame came when he signed on as an honorary member with the University of Michigan's Men's Basketball team. Once they heard of him, Bullies Reality decided to come to Triumph.

At the end of the assembly, Jude was called up in front of the entire school, where he was honored with applause, and even a song. Local singer, Liv V, performed her own song, "Superman," which is about him.

"I was blown away. I had the best feeling from everybody. The way they interacted with the kids, the stories they shared. They were just very true and humbling, and very great messages,” declared Stamper.

By using their own style of presentation, Bullies Reality became very relatable to the students. Several were even emotional in the auditorium.

The whole program was steered toward declaring those who do not bully - as heroes.

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