Burger King Twitter hacked, now Jeep

The Burger King Twitter account was hacked on Monday (February 18), resulting in their "BK" being changed to the signature golden arches of their competitor McDonald's.

The next day, auto maker Jeep had their account hacked, which resulted in the logo being changed to the Cadillac logo, followed by tweets saying they had been sold to General Motors.

Although these events seem relatively harmless, a US computer security firm reported that a small group of hackers in China are resonsible for more lascivious acts. The firm claims this group has stolen terabytes of information from governmental and industrial data. The Chinese government says these accusations are unprofessional and completely false.

If you do get hacked on your personal account and you still have control, make sure you change you password immediately, and also passwords for any account linked to the account.

Also, restrict access to those who are able view your profile to further prevent risk.

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