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Carey Schools celebrate 'kindness week'

Positive post-its placed around Carey Schools.

CAREY, Ohio (WNWO) - Thousands of students walked out of their classrooms Wednesday, many right here in the Toledo area. Students in Carey, Ohio have dedicated the whole week to awareness, and they did so in a different way.

“This has definitely impacted my senior year,” said Lily Arredondo, a senior at Carey Schools.

Carey Schools decided to create a ‘Kindness Week.’

“Monday we signed the banner with a pledge to be united. Tuesday we did letters of kindness,” said Connie Schmidt, a teacher at Carey Schools.

While it was a different approach, the message was all the same.

“Wednesday was our locked in unity,” said Schmidt.

This was a first time event for the school.

“It’s important to know in times of darkness, if we come together as one, we can be the light and the good in the world,” said Arredondo. “With all the negativity going around, we thought it would be beneficial for our school, the students, our community to spread the positivity and love."

Thursday they wrapped up with positive post-its. They were placed in general areas of the school with a kind and uplifting message. Some were specific to students and put on their lockers.

“It’s important that it comes to our mind how much we really appreciate one another, sometimes we don’t show that as much as we should,” said Arredondo.

Faculty at Carey Schools has recently gone through ALICE training, but the teachers wanted to connect more with students.

“Maybe students having a difficult time can come forward and talk about that with us,” said Schmidt.

Lily Arredondo, a senior student, is one of a few students who helped create the daily tasks.

“A few students and I were talking about what we can do throughout the school to bring awareness to previous outbreaks,” said Arredondo.

Arredondo said this week changed the mood of the school. It has also created a stronger foundation for the future.

“I’ll always have Carey to come back home to,” said Arredondo. “I know that all the students I’ve been in school with, all of the teachers I’ve grown up with all care about me as much as I care about them.”

Schmidt said the response has been very positive. Some students have even suggested making Kindness Week an annual event.

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