Catalytic converter thefts hit Rossford

An example of a catalytic converter (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

Thieves are after something valuable on your car, but it's not your rims or fancy stereo system.

"Catalytic converters they contain very highly precious metals...anything from palladium to titanium to platinum, there's gold," said Nick Duricek, owner of Duricek Automotive.

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss posted on Facebook warning residents someone is stealing catalytic converters in town.

"Two were stolen at apartment complex not too far off of Dixie HWY, our main street through town, and another apartment complex off of lime city road," said Chief Goss.

Thieves are using a saw of some kind, manual or battery powered, to get the converter off.

Not a quiet task.

And it hits your bank account hard, costing upwards of $400 to replace.

"These highly precious metals, people will cut them off, they'll take them into a scarp yard some place and they turn them in for basically money. You can get anywhere from $30 for a catalytic converter to $150 scrap and that's for a used scrap one," said Duricek.

But most people don't think twice when they see someone "working" underneath a car, essentially providing cover for thieves.

Chief Goss wants residents to be more aware after the recent thefts.

"Give us a call we'll drive by we'll check and make sure it's legitimate or not and if that person's truly fixing their car," said Chief Goss.

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