Catholic Diocese offers St. Anthony Church to Lucas County Land Bank

The Catholic Diocese of Toledo has offered St. Anthony Church to the Lucas County Land Bank at no cost (WNWO).

There's a new offer on the table for Saint Anthony's Church in Toledo. The Catholic Diocese of Toledo says it's ready to donate the property.

Standing dormant for the last 13 years, and built on Nebraska Avenue more than 120 years ago, St. Anthony's Church in Toledo may be staying put.

The church was scheduled for demolition this past Monday.

Over the weekend, city and state officials rallied in front of St. Anthony's.

They met with the Diocese of Toledo on Tuesday to try and save the property, after a stop work order was issued on Sunday giving them more time.

The Lucas County Land Bank sent a letter stating the terms the Diocese asked for were unreasonable.

Then around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the Diocese responded, saying it would donate the property.

It's now offering to cover the entire cost of breaking the contract with the demolition company, and accept a $70,000 donation from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

Bishop Thomas said he heard from many over the last week about the church.

For life-long Toledoans, it seems to have a significant effect on their lives.

"It's a great place. We don't have places like that anymore," said Jerry Fralick.

"Anytime I go out of town and come back, it's a landmark. Whenever I come into the community, I always look for it. It's amazing. It's a beautiful church and it's been here my whole life," stated Watazone Israel.

"For the community, it needs to stand there. It stands for structure and stability," added Kenny Brown.

The most recent offer from the Diocese of Toledo is to be accepted by 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Bishop Thomas said to Land Bank CEO David Mann, "I invite Congresswoman Kaptur, Mayor Kapszukiewiz, and yourself to make the reasonable and right choice to accept this offer."

The city does have the letter and says it'll review it Wednesday night with the Lank Bank president, and then make a decision.

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