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Change your clocks and smoke detectors this weekend

Remember to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - As we prepare to spring forward this weekend, firefighters across the area are reminding people to check their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Most units are reliable for about 10 years. Despite the shelf life, batteries still need to be checked and switched out. That's why when daylight saving time comes around they encourage people to test both and change the batteries. You should also have enough of each around your home.

"Put those on multiple levels of your home. If you have a basement, first floor, second floor, each room has smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors," said Private Sterling Rahe, with Toledo Fire and Rescue.

Toledo Fire and Rescue will give you a free one per home. You have to prove you're a Toledo resident and come to one of their fire stations.

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