Chelsea Bruck story to air on Dateline

Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison finishes up interviews with detectives with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office about the murder of Chelsea Bruck. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

22-year-old Chelsea Bruck from Maybee, Michigan disappeared from a Halloween party in 2014...her body discovered 6 months later at a construction site.

The road to figure out what happened, and why, was filled with obstacles.

"It's been a long road, some ups and downs, a lot of bumps, smooth surfaces...but a lot of potholes too," said Detective Mike Preadmore with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

The search for Bruck's killer went well into a year before evidence lead them to an arrest.

"We got that notification that the DNA on Chelsea's costume, specifically the leotard, belonged to the subject Daniel Clay and then bringing Daniel Clay in and ultimately arresting him," said Detective Preadmore.

Clay admitted to killing Bruck, but said it was an accident and he choked her during sex.

He was found guilty of murder in May and later sentenced to life in prison this past July.

Dateline NBC is now covering the case.

Correspondent Keith Morrison says it's a story that anyone can place themselves in and understand the grief of a parent.

"If you get to a certain age and you have your youngest daughter being the right age to go to parties, I think any father can relate," said Morrison.

Morrison saying this case in particular was extremely hard to crack.

"A very difficult case to solve, I mean extraordinarily difficult to solve. One that, you know, relied on hard investigative work but also on luck and the combination of those two finally producing a result. I mean I can see a case like this never being solved," said Morrison.

This Dateline episode will air sometime in October, likely just before Halloween.

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