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Cherry Steet Mission Ministries receives big donation during typical lull

Cherry Street Mission Ministries is a 24/7 operation which serves thousands.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - Cherry Street Mission Ministries received a big donation over the weekend. Innate Health Chiropractic from Perrysburg gave the non-profit nearly 300 pounds of goods.

The donation had everything from coffee and syrup, to cereal and condiments. It was an all hands on deck situation. Office workers and patients pitched in during the collection period. They also used social media letting others know they can donate as well.

“Always think basic needs you and I have access to in our homes, water right…if you don't have access to a tap bottled water is really important for you, and things that keep you warm,” said Dan Rogers, President and CEO of Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

Rogers said this time of year donations tend to decrease, coming off of a very generous holiday season. Cherry Street is open 24/7 and relies on donations to feed around 1,000 people each day.

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