Chief Kral addresses arrest of Lt. Ramirez

Toledo Police Chief George Kral leads a news conference Friday to discuss the arrest of Lt. Frank Ramirez.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral addressed the media on Friday to discuss the arrest of Lieutenant Frank Ramirez, a 31 year veteran of the TPD.

Shock and disappointment were some words used to describe the alleged conspiracy involving Ramirez, who is accused of felony assault, tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.

"The last thing I want as a chief of police, and the people behind me want is to have a person that wears the same uniform as we do even accused of something like this," said Kral.

The charges, filed on Wednesday, say Ramirez along with co-defendents, coordinated, planned and helped execute the shooting of Tiffany Williams in December.

Williams had previously testified as a witness against Sam Williams, no relation, and Cameo Petteway, who were accused of killing Johnny Clarke and Lisa Staub in 2011.

Ramirez is allegedly a friend of Clarke's mother who, along with her husband, was arrested in connection with the shooting of Tiffany Williams. Police now say Ramirez was involved, but that's about all they were willing to discuss.

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"I know we're not giving you a whole lot right now," Kral said to media gathered at TPD headquarters. "But the last thing we want is to put something out that could jeopardize the prosecution. I understand your frustration and I understand your viewers frustration but I ask that your viewers trust that we're doing everything the right way."

On, a reader commented on the initial story about the arrest of Ramirez; he posted "another rotten cop...what else is new?"

And that's the concern for Kral.

"This is an isolated incident from one person. The men and women of the Toledo Police Department are honest, dedicated civil servants who have been sworn in to uphold the law and not allegedly break it."

Ramirez is represented by attorney Gretchen DeBacker, who declined comment when reached by NBC 24.

Kral said that the disciplinary file for Ramirez was clean.

Toledo Municipal Court records do show seven prior charges, of which most were dropped. There are three charges for which Ramirez was guilty of in the court of law; having broken, cracked or nontransparent glass on a vehicle in 1985 and for failing to register a dog or a kennel in 2000.

Ramirez was released from the Lucas County Jail on Thursday after posting bond; he is scheduled to appear in court again on Feb. 19.

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