Chief Kral continuing to try and make TPD transparent with community report

The Lucas County Public Library's Huntington Room was packed for TPD Chief George Kral's presentation (WNWO).

Toledo Police Chief George Kral is continuing to make himself and his staff as open as possible.

“I mean, with everything going on in this country regarding law enforcement, if we try to do things behind closed doors in a hush-hush manner, it’s going to increase the suspicion and everybody is going to be thinking we are doing things that are improper. It’s my job to make sure they know we’re not.”

Police Chief George Kral continued his push to make his department more transparent to the community with a report at the Lucas County Public Library’s Main Branch.

The event stemmed from previous attempts to engage the public that include town halls.

“The transparency, you see that in Chief Kral and with coffee with the cops, the town hall meetings, he’s always looking for opportunities to get feedback from the community and report back to them on what’s working and what’s not and what they can expect in the future," said Sargent Kevan Toney.

Kral presented statistics about crime rates that are down from last year. He also discussed a survey that was presented to the public, in reference to their trust of the TPD.

The response from the audience was positive for the most part.

“It was good, it was interesting. We had a ghost in the machine, so it was kind of funny. It really lightened things up and kind of humanized him because he had to keep clicking to change stuff. I liked seeing the statistics. Hopefully there will be more of these, and the turnout was very good," declared Toledo Citizen, Jodie Summers.

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