Children get the opportunity to read with dogs in Sit, Stay, Read & Pawsitive Reading

Sit, Stay, Read & Pawsitive Reading is offered across Toledo Lucas County Library branches (WNWO).

The Sanger Branch library went to the dogs Monday night...literally.

As part of Toledo's Sit, Stay, Read & Pawsitive Reading initiative, children were able to come out and read to therapy dogs for the evening.

A partnership with "Therapy Dogs International" allows these kids to read to the animals, without feeling judged about stuttering, reading slowly, or anything else that they may do while reading.

They also get a chance to bond with the dogs, every night they attend.

Assistant Manager at the branch, Katie Midgley said, "Well, kids develop a relationship with the dogs because the same dogs come come every week, and every time they read to a dog, they get a bookmark with some information about the dogs. So kids try to collect all of the bookmarks and all of them seem to have a favorite to read to."

You can find a schedule for the Toledo Lucas County Public Library's program on their Facebook page.

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