Children Services asking Lucas county residents to consider adoption in 2019 resolutions

Hughes is a treatment foster parent, meaning she fosters children with behavioral issues (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- For three decades Barbara Hughes has been a foster parent, taking in hundreds of children and loving them as her own. But she's also unique, not just because of her loving heart, but the type of kids she takes in.

"Bullying, a lot of the kids they do kill animals and stuff, they do destroy your property, " said Hughes, describing the type of children she takes in.

Hughes is a treatment foster parent, meaning she fosters children with behavioral issues. Though times get tough, many leave her home ready to be adopted.

"I feel like when I make a change in a child's life it makes me feel good," said Hughes.

"It's really a good time of year to start thinking about what is it you want to do differently in 2019 and maybe even how do you want to give back and children always need us in some capacity," said Donna Seed, social work manager with Lucas County Children's Services.

Currently the agency has 275 foster parents with almost 1,000 children in care of relatives or in private foster homes.

While they receive new applications for foster parents each day, Seed says "We have that many more who are leaving us because their homes have either filled and they've become adoptive parents or they have 30 or 40 plus years."

Becoming a foster parent is nearly a four month process: parents need thirty six hours of training along with a home-study process.

The agency says they like parents who will take in any age range, especially teens. But you can also be treatment foster parents,like Hughes. She says it's a little extra when it comes to a challenge, but the love received makes it worth it.

"I had a kid that [was] getting ready to run down the street and I'm standing in my door and I yelled 'I care about you!,' He stopped so I said it again and he started walking toward me," Hughes.

For more resource on being a foster parent Hughes has written a book called the 'No nosense guide to Foster parenting'.

You can also visit the LCCS website.

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