City leaders call for neighbor involvement after string of shootings

Family mourns when they realize their loved ones have been killed (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--

"When I was a child we played pretend shoot them up, it's not pretend anymore children are actually shooting each other," said Ginny Mojzesz . She lives in a south Toledo neighborhood where she says hearing gunshots is the norm.

"Usually I'm at my den sitting at the computer and I don't worry about ducking."

Her home is just one block west of where 18-year- olds Deiyana Porter and Gregory stone were gunned down in broad daylight, both recent high school graduates.

Porter left behind a one year old son.

On Monday Pathway Toledo declared it Youth against crime week, just days later a flurry of violent shootings have plagued the city, with officials taking note.

"Young or old it's a problem when we see young people taking guns to settle disagreements," said Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson, calling for neighbors to get involved.

Toledo police chief George Kral echoed that same sentiment.

In a Facebook post saying "enough is enough ."

Just the day before he called for stricter gun regulation.

"When It comes to making sure that the right people are in jail, when making arrests for people on weapons charges we need to make sure these people are staying in jail for the longest time possible," said Cheif Kral.

There have been 34 homicides in the city of Toledo in 2017. 21 of those have been solved.

While family and friends grieve loved ones, neighbors are searching for an end to senseless violence.

"I'm not going to leave because of this, I'd like to know what I can do if somebody tells me something I can do I will do it."

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