City of Toledo and residents prepare for coming snow

More than 60 plows will be sent out in Toledo throughout the day on Friday (WNWO).

Up to 8 inches of snow, that's what Mayor Kapszukiewicz and the rest of Toledoans are preparing for overnight and into Friday.

"More than anything else, we just want to keep the public informed about what they can expect from mother nature this evening and into tomorrow."

The mayor and other city officials say they're ready.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp belives communication between departments is crucial to success.

"We'll watch it, and we'll communicate with each other, and continue to communicate with the state, all the local law enforcement, from the northeast to the southwest, state highway patrol. That's what we have to do in order to make a sound decision on what levels to call."

Mayor Kapszukiewicz announced 60 plows will be coming out for the city. Another several dozen will be called in to help clear streets downtown and in residential neighborhoods.

This led to some salt flying off the shelves at local stores. City drivers will be out early.

"Oh, we'll probably start about 4 o'clock in the morning until all night, Friday night," said Plow Driver Gregory Allen.

The biggest thing that the mayor wanted to portray was that the city is not panicking. He thinks crews will handle it well.

"We're going to be okay. We're used to this, we're Toledoans. We are not residents of Miami, who freak out when they see a snow flurry. We're going to be okay."

Property owners and snow removal companies need to remember to not plow snow off your property onto public roadways. It is prohibited.

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