Proper Pick-Up for Leaves


Leaf collection has started in Toledo and that means we need to tidy up our yards and know what to do in order to be ready for proper pick-up. Leaves, along with grass clippings and other small shrubbery is ok for collection, but be cautious to remove any sticks from the piles. Sticks and large debris are hazardous to the city’s vacuum machines and will not be collected if they are mixed in with the leaves.

Other tips to keep in mind during scheduled collection time:
-Only pile up leaves two days prior to pick-up date
-If bagging, use brown paper bags
-Remove garbage cans from the curb.
-Park vehicles in another location.

To find out when collection will be occurring in your neighborhood go to:
You can also call Engage Toledo for updated information on collection dates at 419-936-2020.

All of the leaves collected by the city go to one of two composting facilities and is made into usable compost for the spring and summer.

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