City officials attend walkouts across Toledo

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz attended a listening session at Rogers High School during the walk out (WNWO).

While students gathered around a flag pole singing "Amazing Grace" at Rogers High School, Mayor Kapszukiewicz was having a conversation with students in the library.

"I thanked them for their activism, and I apologized to them on behalf of my generation, my parent's generation, and other generations. The adults have screwed this up so badly, and have been so unwilling to fix this problem, that it is up to the children of the United States."

TPD Chief George Kral was also at Rogers with the students. The night before, he assured parents at Washington Local Schools that kids would be safe during the walkout.

"We're going to have school resource officers at all of the high schools. We're going to have our district crews that have schools in their beats close to those schools, as much as we can."

Meanwhile, across town at Old West End Academy, students took the time to honor the fallen from Florida, and thank first responders in Toledo.

"It's not that we do our jobs to get thank yous or recognition and stuff like that. None of us do, whether it's a police officer or fire fighter. We like to serve our community. It's what we signed up to do, but for them to take the time out to say thank you, it means the world to us," said Lt. Aaron Hague.

Lieutenant Aaron Hague and Firefighter Jamar Winston were part of the celebration. Students planted 17 flowers to honor the 17 victims from the February 14th school shooting.

"We just want to say thank you for them to let us be there, and do that with them," declared Lt. Hague.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz is encouraging kids to continue to speak up, and for the adults to listen.

"They know more than we give them credit for. It was a very adult conversation being led by children. I'm telling you that it gives me hope, that maybe this time we're going to see some positive change."

Mayor Kapszukiewicz said the adults sat in a circle around the students and simply listened to them give their thoughts on the day's events.

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