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Clear Choices, Clean Water program comes to Toledo

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TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - The Toledo Water crisis in 2014 started the conversation on how to best preserve local water quality.

Now, a new program has been launched to educate the public on what measures they can take at home to protect our water.

Many community members are concerned about making sure the water stays clean, but are unsure of what they can do to help. Now a new website is giving them the tools to make a difference..

“Clear Choices, Clean Water” is a national initiative, that was brought to Toledo by the TMACOG Stormwater Coalition.

“We’ve got 24 regional governmental partners in this endeavors," said Tim Brown, President of TMACOG. "I think - the events of a couple years ago where clean water was disrupted by algae in Lake Erie, and so folks started asking what can I do as a citizen or small business?”

The purpose of the website is to give the public tools and information about water preservation

Kevin Laughlin, Chairman of Stormwater Coalition explained, “it’s educating the public on the impact that they can have and what they can do to improve the situation.”

Kari Gerwin, Water Quality Planner for TMACOG added, "some of the options include just cleaning up after your pet, planting a rain garden, making sure that if you fertilize your lawn that you’re only applying at the right time and at the right place. Maybe even having your soil tested to determine how much fertilizer to apply.”

The website also has a pledge page, an interactive map of who else has made pledges in your community, activities for kids, and a sign-up to volunteer with “Clear Choices, Clean Water”

Mayor of the City of Toledo, Paula Hicks-Hudson, emphasized, "we need to take whatever steps that we can to make sure that we leave the Earth better than how we came into it.”

Anyone interested in learning more can head to

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