Clowns spread anti-bullying message to Flint students

Clowns from Mott Community College spread an anti-bullying message at Flint International Academy on Friday.

Clowns from Mott Community College will travel Michigan to spread an anti-bullying message.

According to students at the college, these presentations make a deeper impact than just clowning around.

Miranda Hanson is a student in the Mott Community College honors program, but on Friday she took on a different identity as squiggles the clown.

"At first I thought no way would I do it. And then when I joined the honors program and it was an opportunity to fulfill all of my service hours, I thought it would be a fun thing and I'm so glad that I did it," said Hanson.

Hanson visited Flint International Academy along with her clown troupe classmates on Friday to teach kids why bullying is wrong.

"In a community that can be so hurt, we really want to get the message out there to just treat others in a respectful manner, and it's a fun way to get it out there," described Hanson.

Five years ago Dr. Brian Ivory started this anti-bullying initiative for elementary students.

"It's heartwarming because you get close up with the students as opposed to a show when you're up on a stage. We also read an anti-bullying story to them so it's nice to hear their responses to the story and also answer any questions they may have about bullying," said Dr. Ivory, who founded the Mott Community College Clown Troupe.

Dr. Ivory has a passion for entertainment, but he says these presentations show kids that bullying is no laughing matter.

"Bullying often leads to people taking their lives or being excluded and leaving school altogether so we want to get the message to young people as soon as they start forming relationships with one another," explained Ivory.

The clowns will travel to Metro Detroit on Saturday for additional presentations to Boys and Girls clubs.

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