Community center reminds overworked parents of 24 hour childcare

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TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- In 2018, Lucas county has seen far too many heinous crimes against young lives. Three children under the age 2, killed by their mother's boyfriends. It's numbers that are sobering, but Frederick Douglas Community Association CEO Richard Langford says reflect the dire need of working moms.

"We have a lot of single mothers out there looking for work but cant find work because they have no child care," said Langford.

Though there have been no homicides during the month of may,since the beginning of the spring at least six children have been found wandering alone in Toledo , before safely being returned home.

"These kids that's wandering is because mom is probably sleep from working her third shift job.," said Alexicia Sims is one of three owners of Three Hearts Learning Institute & Child Care Center.

The group partners with the center to provide childcare, twenty four hours, seven days a week. Three hearts says it's not just about childcare, but providing resources.

"If you need some help finding some clothes I can send you to somewhere that's going to get you some clothes. if you need some help because your child is not speaking i can connect you to a speech therapist," said Sims.

"The Doug" as it's known to residents,says they understand the importance of meeting the needs of the community as a whole. That's why they provide space for meetings, tutoring, athletic and coming soon mental health programs.

"This is a place where its kind of a safe haven for the neighborhood," said Langford.

It takes a village to raise a child,but even that village needs help. In central Toledo those at the Doug are working to do just that

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