Community mayoral forum held to focus on minority issues

Onlookers watching the Mayoral forum held by the Community Solidarity Response Network (courtesy:NBC

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- "A lot of the forums don't really tackle some of the issues with police brutality or more of the issue surrounding the marginalized," said Gina Frey part of the Community Solidarity Response Network.

It was that reason alone, the group hosted a community forum along with Black lives matter and the Northwest Ohio Young Black Democrats. The forum focused on asking questions related to minorities, focusing on issues facing the city of Toeldo

"A lot of times when people of color are being directly affected by the different policies that are going into place they are often the last ones one to recognize it," said Ruth Leonard Candidate for TPS school board . "Either they were unaware of the changes that were taking place or they were just simply not paying enough attention. We wanted to open it up to everyone who was going to be affected by any of the situations."

Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson, up for reelection, talked about everything from human trafficking and young people facing poverty and homelessness, to domestic violence and unemployment. Wade Kapszukiewicz was not able to make the event because of prior scheduling conflicts and was never confirmed to attend.

Hicks Hudson addressed the city's role in the betterment of the community, mentioning build infrastructure to bring businesses and jobs. She also addressed the city's responsibility for the needs of residents, but noted a shared responsibility between organizations and community when dealing with issues like domestic violence and the opiate crisis.

"We make sure that the water is safe to drink, we make sure that when you call the police come," said Hicks Hudson. She noted the city would take a look at how to help organizations like the YWCA to make sure that they have the resources that they need."

Election Day is just around the corner and young voters, skin color aside say they're looking for the candidate to best represent them.

"The formula for making a successful partnership between wiper like to have the chills on African-American communities really had to be communication and an understanding on a potential impossible," said moderator Ashley Bunn.

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