Commuters brave the cold during winter freeze

Maurice Habush braves the cold while scraping ice off his car (courtesy:NBC24 news).

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--

"It was just 55 yesterday and today was like Oh my god, but it is winter," said Star Campbell.

The cold outside was a chill she couldn't deny. On Thursday, sunny and humid, what appeared to be a mild spring day, On Friday a, winter storm: rain turning into snow, freezing on streets and covering cars.

But that that didn't stop commuter Tye Willis.

"I put more layers of clothes on, more hats, gloves..." said Willis describing his winter regime.

Rain or shine, he's working throughout the day for Toledo Streets Newspapers.

"I'm still out here to sell papers and make ends meet."

He's not the only one. For Alex Franco the weather is a part of his job. He sprays liquid salt on the ground and shovels the snow off sidewalks for local businesses.

"It's so we don't track the snow into the building," said Franco.

Despite the rain and dropping temperatures business didn't stop many residents from running errands like usual.

"I just got off work came to make a deposit but the roads are fine," said Maurice Habush.

He uses his scraper vigorously and for good reason. AAA recommends cleaning the roof, hood, and trunk of your car to avoid loose snow which can effect other drivers on the road .

They also recommend drivers take extra time for their normal commute .

"I live in Oregon so it take me at least 10 minute to get there 15 now, I'll take 20 minutes to get there safe," said Habush.

It'll be a while before we see the weather hit the 60s again .So in the meantime, navigate the roads with caution and follow the words of the wise as you're traveling in the cold.

"It's getting a little worse so just be careful," said Campbell.

Also, remember to keep your gas tank at least half-full to avoid your gas line from freezing. In addition, don't be afraid to pack emergency supplies like a first aid kit, bottled water and a couple of thick blankets.

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