Concerned citizens host meeting about potential new Lucas County jail location

No county commissioners were able to attend Thursday night's meeting due to the mayor's State of the City address (WNWO).

Not everyone is on board with the proposed location for a new Lucas County jail.

Thursday night, residents near the proposed location at Alexis Road and Detroit Avenue, hosted a meeting and took questions about a new jail's possible location. The meeting took place at Friendship Park Community Center.

Some of their main concerns included the raising of taxes in the area and lowering of property values.

The general consensus was to keep the jail downtown by renovating the old jail, or building a new one in a non-residential area.

"The home I'm in now is one year newer than the current jail is, but you don't see me knocking it to the ground and rebuilding a brand new facility. I just have to repair and I have to do something to make sure that that lasts," declared Dan Warner.

Citizens invited county commissioners to the meeting, but they were unable to attend due to the mayor's State of the City address.

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