Council members to meet with LMHA Wednesday to discuss Parqwood solutions

    Parqwood Apartment residents finally received hot water over the weekend (WNWO).

    For almost a month residents at Parqwood Apartments in Toledo had no hot water.

    Some tenants are searching for some type of compensation. One resident even says this is the third time his hot water has gone out in five years.

    His electric bill has skyrocketed because he's had to heat it himself.

    "I got a 300 some dollar electric bill in here," said Resident James White.

    Council Members Larry Sykes and Yvonne Harper have spearheaded the effort to figure out what happened.

    Sykes says somebody dropped the ball, including the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, and McCormack Baron Management, Inc.

    Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley filed a lawsuit in August against McCormack Baron Management, Inc. for its issues with pests, structural failure and mold.

    "It should have been handled the first time it was brought to their attention on the 9th of November," said Sykes.

    "We need to have a plan in case this water does not stay warm. If they have an issue, we need to have direct contact with these individuals," declared Harper.

    After receiving criticism, LMHA Director Demetria Simpson sent a letter to the members of council saying her group inspected the boiler on November 9th.

    She says the management group took no action, so LMHA got the part it needed to fix the boiler on November 27th.

    Simpson also requested that Sykes and Harper would reach out to her to understand the situation before they took matters into their own hands.

    Harper is looking forward to finding some type of resolution at Parqwood.

    "Now, what we're going to do is take charge. We're all going to work together and see where we don't have to deal with this situation again."

    Harper, Sykes and the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority will all meet to discuss future plans Wednesday afternoon in the mayor's office.

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