Oregon Couple sends warning to parents, friends after their 21-year-old commits suicide

The Grindles hold a picture of their late daughter (courtesy:NBC24.com).

OREGON, OHIO (WNWO)-- A local couple is sending a message to other parents after their 21-year old daughter committed suicide.

Carrie and Sean Grindle of Oregon got the call last Thursday. They were obviously heartbroken, but say they were not surprised.

Their daughter Samantha Grindle had threatened to do so for years but refused treatment. Her mother says she also struggle with depression and endured childhood trauma that she didn't tell her parents about until years later.

Now, following her death they're encouraging other parents to get help early, especially before their child turns 18. They also want a send a message to young people about speaking up.

"She told many many friends and none of her friends came forward until after the fact. Don't be afraid to tell their parents, don't be afraid to tell us, don't be afraid to tell the police," said Mrs. Grindle.

The Grindles are holding a car wash on Saturday to raise money for funeral expenses.. There has also been a GoFundMe Created.

If you or a friend are having thoughts about ending their life you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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