Cryogenic freezer brings new, longer life to fruits & veggies

(Bowling Green)--The Center for Innovative Food Technology, or CIFT, has a fairly new freezer in its possession, and it's catching the eyes of farmers and business people alike what exactly this piece of equipment can do. The goal is to help provide fresh, tasty produce all year round to any one or any type of eatery or company requesting it.

The Individually-Quick-Frozen, or IQF, product captures the nutrients of fruits and veggies within minutes. And it prevents large ice crystals from forming because the molecules don't have time to turn them into the standard six-sided snowflakes.

The $40 thousand dollar piece of equipment found at the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen, or NOCK, in Bowling Green typically holds ten trays at any give time. Just last year thirty thousand pounds of produce was put on ice. The hope is to double or even triple the amount this year.

If you want to learn more just call 419-823-3099.

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