Customers "Back the Blue" in honor of Detective Picking at Shawn's Irish Tavern

The "Back the Blue" event took place Tuesday evening to raise money for TPD Detective Jason Picking (WNWO).

A local bar is doing its part to raise money for TPD Detective Jason Picking.

He's had to have several surgeries after being shot in the face last month, while serving a warrant.

That's why Shawn's Irish Tavern donated 10 percent of all money received Tuesday night. Customers just had to tell them they wanted to "Back the Blue."

"Even if people are coming in for just one beer, and they want to back it, it goes right to him. So that's awesome. We're also selling cups, and it's all just a matter of saying I want to back the blue, and we're donating 10%. I am personally donating, every $10 I make, a dollar towards the funds," said Server Kyle Schaller.

Detective Picking made an appearance, too.

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