Day after Christmas beginning to look like big shopping day

Shoppers visit customer service at Meijer in Oregon on Tuesday (WNWO).

Christmas is over, and now holiday returns are getting into full swing.

Malls and store parking lots are packed.

It's normally known as one of the biggest days of the year for gift exchanges and returns, but Meijer is saying this year returns are down, and shopping is up.

"I think a lot of people are using gift cards. This ends up being a shopping day for customers. They don't really view it as a day for returns. They get the gift cards and like to come to the store and purchase items like trim tree items for next year. So they stock up on Christmas cards and decorations for the following year. They're pretty savvy these days," said Meijer Spokesperson Don Lockhart.

Lockhart also said that he believes returns are lessened this year because everyone is giving out Christmas lists, so they are getting what they are looking for.

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