Deer-vehicle accidents increase this November

    Wood County Sheriff says deer-related vehicle crashes rise each November (WNWO).

    BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WNWO) -- Deer-vehicle accidents are on the rise this month.

    The Wood County Sheriff's Office said they have seen 42 deer-vehicle crashes so far this November.

    That's about two a day.

    Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said they increase nearly 100% during the months of October and November due to the crops coming off the fields and mating season.

    He said early morning and dusk times are when most deer-related crashes take place.

    "If you're driving along and a deer does jump out in front of you, don't try to swerve to avoid the deer on a country road because we have large ditches and utility poles on the side. So sometimes we find that the injuries are more severe in trying to avoid the deer, instead of just applying the brakes and striking the deer," said Wasylyshyn.

    He also suggested not approaching a deer if you hit it, because they've had incidents reported where drivers are injured if the deer regains consciousness.

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