Deployed soldier surprises sister after year apart

Students gets the surprise of a lifetime after her brother comes back from overseas (courtesy:NBC

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- After more than a year apart, Kimberly Gilbert's and her brother Derrick were reunited.

"The face that she made when I came in made me the happiest person alive," said First Class Private Derrick Gilbert of the U.S. Army.

Gilbert was deployed overseas in the U.S. army. Once army veteran and dad William Gilbert found out his son was coming home, he contacted Springfield High school, who arranged the surprise.

"Words cant describe it,all the people here, the school for helping put it together," said Gilbert. "It gave a gift to her that she'll never forget."

"It was like a dream at first then I just realized he was there," said 16-year-old Kimberly , a sophomore.

Being in the army comes with its own difficulties. Kimberly and Derrick are four years apart, she 16 and him 20, but that hasn't made them any less closer.

"It hurts, it really hurts staying away from family," said Private Gilbert.

Kimberly's only seen her brother for a short time, but that hasn't stopped her from making plans.

"Now he can see me do my swim meet and it's even more exciting because he never saw me swim before," said the teen.

Making it home for Christmas, he missed the mark by a few days, but his family says being together again is better than any gift.

"The feeling that you get when you finally see somebody that you haven't seen in so long, it really gets to you," said Private Gilbert.

"I'm just glad that my family is united again," said Kimberly Gilbert.

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