"Dinner with Departed Loved Ones" puts new spin on spending Holidays with loved ones

Medium Sirena La Point speaking to Julie Spry during Wednesday night's "Dinner with Departed Loved Ones." (WNWO)

For some, holidays can be tough, but some families got the chance to dine with some of their deceased relatives.

Both Mediums, Sirena La Point and Lisa Bardoni, hosted the event that featured three hours of receiving messages from family members that had passed through them.

The "Dinner with Departed Loved Ones" took place at the Maumee Brewing Company's Riddle Room and featured dinner, drinks and the different styles of the two mediums.

"Most people that come to these events have someone in mind that they want to talk to, so I'm really hoping that everyone gets to actually talk to the people that they want to. That would be the absolute best scenario for me," said La Point.

Some people don't always believe in what mediums do, bit La Point had a message for all the skeptics.

"It's my reality. Not everyone experiences the same thing. You know, there's literally people that have flown around the world. I can't get in a plane and fly around the world. I don't expect people to see the same things I see and experience that. But I tell you what, I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with the people that are willing to listen to that."

Sirena La Point has been a medium since the Summer of 2013, and turned what was a hobby into a full time profession.

On Wednesday, she used her unique skills to talk with these families, including Julie Spry.

Entering the dinner with little expectations but trying to connect with her son, Spry does believe her mother reached out.

She did not provide any information prior to the event, but said she would certainly recommend it to someone else.

"Definitely. Definitely would as long as you have the need. I at least it's a good thing for healing personal."

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