Discovery Academy celebrates Black History Night

Students at Discovery Academy celebrated Black History Night with an evening full of activities on Tuesday (WNWO).

Discovery Academy taught their students about Black History month and celebrated with an evening of activities.

The K-6 school showed off class projects to parents, watched videos on how they could help shape the world, and had dinner.

Family Liaison Emily Mann finds it very beneficial to have nights like this one.

"We believe in educating the whole child, instead of the reading and the math and all that. So we want to help them think outside of the box. We want them to think about the future. We want to help them express themselves in different ways. We feel that nights like this are so important because it brings the family and the community together. It brings us and the community together."

Discovery Academy takes one day out of each month to do similar activities that have meaning like tonight's Black History Night.

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