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DNA not Zimbeck's in 1985 Swanton murder

  Walter Zimbeck, formerly of Maumee, was arrested at his home in Tennessee Monday, July 20
Walter Zimbeck, formerly of Maumee, was arrested at his home in Tennessee Monday, July 20
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The attorney for accused killer Walter Zimbeck says DNA evidence has cleared her client.

Still, the State of Ohio is pursuing the case.

They say Zimbeck is responsible for the 1985 murder of Swanton teen Lori Ann Hill.

If you will remember, 42-year old Zimbeck was arrested back in July for the cold case murder of 14-year old Hill.

Police who originally worked the case told NBC24 that Zimbeck, who had dated Hill, had been a suspect back in 1985. But there had not been enough evidence to arrest him.

Zimbeck even spoke to WNWO's cameras during the 1985 search for Hill's body:

"I'm very worried, this isn't something that she wouldn't do at all. I just don't know what to say," said Zimbeck then.

Now, Zimbeck's attorney says DNA evidence of pubic hair has proven once and for all he is not connected to Hill's murder.

"I've never been more convinced in my 10 years of law practice that this man is innocent. He should be released from jail based on the evidence that has finally come forth," said Amber VanGunten.

But the state is continuing their case against Zimbeck. He will continue to sit in prison at least until his next trial date on November 30th.

"I do not know why the State of Ohio is proceeding on such flimsy evidence but we look forward to our day in court," said VanGunten. "We wish it could be sooner so that Mr. Zimbeck could be exonerated and get back to his 2-year old daughter."

VanGunten told NBC24 that she does not think Hill's murder will ever be solved.

She says law enforcement lost evidence and failed to follow important leads after the murder happened.

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