Doctor urges local kids to pack light this school year

Students look over school curriculum (

HOLLAND, Ohio (WNWO)-- Homework, tests and quizzes -- the load for kids can get pretty heavy. But before your kids pack those items in their backpacks, Doctors advise leaving a lot of it behind.

"Its not a good idea because sometimes if the backpacks are too heavy it actually weighs the kids down," said Dr. Kehinde obeto, a pediatrician with Mercy Health.

More than just a large load, adding textbooks,extra weight from equipment and more... Doctor say can result in lifelong injuries like back pain and spine issues.

When carrying backpacks doctors recommend straight posture to distribute weight on shoulders not your back.

Also, use two arms because though kids might be okay at first, back pain can show up weeks later.

"Throughout the day just write down what you need take what you need, don't over pack, " Springfield high school senior Alex Shang told NBC24 news.

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