Downtown residents get say in Downtown Transportation Plan

The first Downtown Transportation Plan meeting took place at the Seagate Center in Toledo (WNWO).

The city of Toledo heard from its residents Tuesday about how they feel downtown can become even better than what it is today.

The first of three Downtown Transportation Plan meetings was hosted at the Seagate Center.

Following a presentation, residents and business owners were able to give their input with maps. They could design their perfect location and interact with other Toledoans.

"It's really exciting to get to dictate what we want to see because with all this energy and momentum, in order to capitalize on it, we need some kind of leadership and some kind of strategic vision and guidance. So getting the feedback from all the different stakeholders downtown and really distilling that into one clear vision of what a vibrant downtown is going to look like, it's something I'm excited about," said Downtown Resident, Matt Rubin.

For more information on the Downtown Transportation Plan, click here.

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